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House Rent FAQ

How can I rent house in Adelaide?2017-01-13T08:57:35+00:00

Procedure to rent house in Adelaide is as follows:
Go to http://www.realestate.com.au, click on SA and search. Alternatively if you are in Australia you can also look Saturday advertiser newspaper for rental properties. Once you find a rental property of your choice then contact with the agent / owner and arrange a suitable time for inspection. In most cases agents / owners has their own inspection time. Please be on time to inspect the property. During inspection ask all question that you need to know. Be clear about the facilities of the properties and associated cost with the rent. There are few associated costs that needs to be considered, such as electricity, gas, phone, water, internet bills are common. If you are sure about all these and want to go ahead then ask the agent / owner for an application form and apply for it. Please keep in mind in most cases agents / owners ask for two references. For new comers to Adelaide this is a problem. As a result it would be nice if you can mix up with other Bangladeshi resident in Adelaide as soon as possible. You can contact us if you need any help. Rental property is very competitive now a days. In my opinion you can expect 15/20 competitor, if you would like to spent AUD 150 – AUD 200 per week. If you want to spend more money probably it would be easier. But don’t get disappointed, it is possible to find an accommodation within AUD200 per week range. At the end if your application is successful you need to go through a contact. It is usually for one year. Read the contacts carefully before signing it. In most cases you need to pay two weeks rent in advance. So, be prepared with money.

Can anyone rent on behalf of me before I reach Adelaide?2017-01-13T08:57:42+00:00

Its too difficult to rent on behalf of you and the answer is probably ‘NO’.

Where I should stay?2017-01-13T08:55:00+00:00

If you don’t have a car you should stay near to your work place or institution. You can also choose a place from where you can get direct bus. If your work place or institution is city, then most possibly you won’t get any parking. But bus communication from any part of Adelaide to the city is good. One recommended suburb is NORTH ADELIDE for daily city travel. There is a free bus service on every half an hour from NORTH ADELAIDE to the city.

What students generally do?2017-01-13T08:54:46+00:00

Students in Adelaide generally rent a big house and share with four to six students.

How much is the rent?2017-01-13T08:57:54+00:00

Approximately, Low rates are:
One bedroom: AUD140 – AUD180, Two bedrooms: AUD180 – AUD 250. In Adelaide most houses has an open area, which is big enough. Here one bedroom means a bedroom and an open area or lounge.

How big my house should be?2017-01-13T08:54:38+00:00

For two people with an infant to start with one bedroom is ok. Later you can change when you know Adelaide better. There is no harm to go for a big house if you can afford.

How much is the hotel cost in Adelaide?2017-01-13T08:56:27+00:00

Around AUD100. If you are looking for cheap accommodation you can also look for backpackers.

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