Eid Reunion 2018 Celebration

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Eid Reunion 2018 Celebration

Dear Respected Members,

Assalamu Oliakum.

Congratulations to all SABCA Members.

SABCA has created history by organising the biggest Eid Reunion ever.Around 600 people attended the SABCA Mega Eid Reunion Program 2018.From beginning to end, it was a flawless and high quality event. Each item of the event was highly appreciated by the audience.

Our Honourable Guests enjoyed the Event till end, they highly appreciate the event. I can remember, I was walking through the stalls with Honourable Jing Lee,MLC,Assistant Minister to Premier, during the gap time, when program resumes, she just turned to stage and said to me , “ what a marvellous performance!” also added that she loved all performances specially Kids performance. Unley Mayor Honourable Mr.Peter Hughes and Mrs.Sandra Eddie stayed till finishing of the event and express their high impression about SABCA Cultural Team..

This is the first time SABCA Eid Reunion event was participated by other community organisations, the event become the symbol of unity and shared joys and happiness of Bangladeshi Community living in South Australia.

I will express my special gratitude to contributing EC Members who sacrificed their personal, professional and social life for SABCA.During the last three months, they have sacrificed all Saturdays and Sundays. I personally worked together with EC Members, I know how hard effort they have given all through organising the event. I will thank SABCA General Secretary Asadauzzaman Saurov, Assistant General Secretary Ibrahim Imtiaz,Finance Secretary Md.Towhidul Islam, Cultural Secretary Md Tarik, Public Relation Secretary Tanzim S Chowdhury, Student Affairs and Community Engagement Secretary Md.. Hannan,Executive Member Anik Shikder, Executive Member Azmol Hoq Pappu. I am proud of them for their dedication and loyalty to SABCA. This is a vibrant Team and can achieve any target for the betterment of the Community and SABCA.

I am thankful to Cultural Team who made the History with their creativity, hard work with high quality. Current SABCA Cultural Team is an asset for SABCA, best team ever in the history of SABCA. All the areas of performance were stupendous including Kids Performance, Fashion Show,Songs and Dances. I must appreciate Jesmin Ara Rupa for her talents, dedications and loyalty to SABCA by presenting a wonderful event.The Musicians Foysal Vai, Lipu Da, Imon Vai, Munira Hossain Rakhi ,Sruti Toma must get a special appreciation for their quality efforts.

Have you noticed strategic change of SABCA approach to cultural events? Our little Kids and young Kids are now our priority.. I appreciate anchoring by 2 Kids. Thanks to Labiba and Lumia for their brilliant Anchoring. Also, the total anchoring all through the event exceeds expectations.

The Drama “Interview” was the best fun drama ever and huge applauded by audience. I will thank Jesmin Ara Rupa for writing and directing a high quality drama to add an exceptional amusement.

Thanks to Rong, Rong always add value to SABCA Event, audience enjoyed Rong Performance till Midnight.

There is no word in my dictionary to express my gratitude to the master minder of the event Md.Tarik , our Cultural Secretary , who served 2 terms as General Secretary. Tarik has not only successfully led the cultural team but also manage the biggest corporate sponsor of the Event of $3000.. He did a tremendous job for SABCA showing his multidisciplinary talents.

We are grateful to Mr.Saroar Jahan, Principal for preparing a world class SABCA Website.

Please visit SABCA Website when you get time, you will feel SABCA has entered into a new era.


We are also thanking Bangladeshi Community School(BCS), Teachers, BCS Committee, Parents and Students for their whole hearten support to success the event. We are expressing our deepest thanks to the parents for attending the rehearsal and helping us in different occasions.

My very special thanks to Bibha Zaman for preparing colourful dresses for participants and Tania Vabi for Making up the performers.

My gratitude to Dipu Vai and Farhana Vabi for organising an amazing stage reflecting Eid Reunion environment, audience loves the stage decoration specially in ‘Eid Mubarak’ in the big letters for creating a joyous and cheerful Eid get together environment.

I will thank Dipu Vai and Tousif for Videography, Mohiuddin Mohi, Fahmid,Tanim,Taz Vai and Didar Vai for Photography.

Thanks to all who were live and share videos and photos of the event, please share your videos and photos to SABCA Group.

SABCA is always volunteer enriched organisation. Volunteers support is the key to success of all SABCA Event. I can give you an example, Mr. Rumel had a Casual job till 5PM yesterday, he completed his work and jump to SABCA Eid Reunion Program even without changing his clothes and assist us to organise the event till midnight (12.30 am) and went home after racking the chairs, mopping and cleaning the floor , putting the garbage in the Bin. What a loyalty to SABCA! There are many examples similar to that.. We are grateful to all Volunteers who help us to organise the event.

My heartiest thanks to all SABCA Advisers specially who give us positive suggestions and work shoulder to shoulder to implement SABCA Vision and Mission.

SABCA is gratefully acknowledging contribution of the Sponsors : Neuvision,iSend Cargo,Adelaide PTE Study Centre,Bangla Bazar,Bangladesh Travels.

Thanks to all Members of SABCA for their unconditional support to SABCA initiatives. Without our Member’s support we are nothing. SABCA is for the Community, by the Community.

I strongly believe with our combined efforts SABCA will reach Pinnacle of Glory.

Feel free to contact with me for any further queries.

Kind regards.


Mahbub Siraz Tuhin
Chairperson & Public Officer
SABCA 2018-19
Mobile : 0422455704

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